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CONFENIS-2013, Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 41Basl u. a. · alle anzeigen

CONFENIS-2013, Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 41

366 Seiten, 17 x 24 cm, broschiert
1. Auflage 2013

ISBN 978-3-99033-081-4
Art. Nr. 20139411
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EUR 25,00
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The 7th annual CONFENIS conference is a joint effort of the University of Economics, Prague and the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9 on Enterprise Information Systems. This event provides an opportunity for academicians and practitioners throughout the world to gather, exchange ideas, and present original research in the field of enterprise information systems. Scientists and professionals are invited to address the current research topics in the area or the research frontier at this unique international forum. Enterprise information systems (EIS) are large-scale modular software systems, such as ERP, that support and integrate process information flows, information reporting and business analytics within and between complex organizations. They provide a technology platform that enables organizations to integrate their information assets and coordinate their business processes. As the central nervous system of the organization, they ensure that information can be shared across all functional departments and managerial levels. EIS are invaluable because they eliminate the problem of information fragmentation caused by multiple information systems in an organization. The topics of CONFENIS 2013 reflect these aspects and are focused on Enterprise Information systems of the future – evolving towards more performance through transparency, agility and sustainability support. 30 accepted papers submitted by authors from 13 different countries (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland), selected in a blind review process, were organised under the following topics: • Enterprise Information System and implementation projects trends • Enterprise Information System (EIS) innovation and sustainability support • IT governance and EIS in public and private organizations • Market trends and business value of EIS