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IDIMT-2013, Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 42Doucek u. a. (Eds.) · alle anzeigen

IDIMT-2013, Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 42

406 Seiten, broschiert
1. Auflage 2013

ISBN 978-3-99033-083-8
Art. Nr. 20139421
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The 21st annual IDIMT conference is continuing in its tradition as an interdisciplinary forum for multi-national, multidisciplinary, and future-oriented participants. Information and Communication Technology is the motor of our economy and of our society as it increases efficiency, performance and global interaction via innovative applications. The changes in societal behaviour due to Social Media are even more dramatic. The topics of IDIMT 2013 reflect these aspects: we see a permanent transformation of business based on new technologies and innovation, yielding higher performance and the growth of enormous world-wide cyber-physical systems. In parallel we observe fundamental changes to human interaction and society due to the growth of Social Media with all its pros and cons. Both trends challenge our understanding of social and ethical responsibilities, of our awareness of negative influence on human values, together with a growing concern about loss of security, transparency, and reliability. Employing a blind review process we have accepted 33 submitted papers and 9 invited papers, resulting in an acceptance rate of 0.63. The authors come from 6 different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine). The papers were organised under the following topics: • Smart ICT solution for business and public services • Computer Based Innovation in SMEs • Corporate performance management • ICT Impact on Economy • Social media - The good, the bad, the ugly • Electronic Media in Crisis Situations • Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Computer Age • Security/Dependability of Cyber-physical Systems