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Globalisation, Coastal Resources and Livelihood in Tanzania, SOWIMAT, Bd. 47Sigalla · Sambaiga · alle anzeigen

Globalisation, Coastal Resources and Livelihood in Tanzania, SOWIMAT, Bd. 47

142 Seiten, 17 x 24 cm, broschiert
1. Auflage 2012

ISBN 978-3-85499-606-4
Art. Nr. 20153471
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Coastal communities in Tanzania are endowed with enormous natural resources. Historically, these communities have been the host of globalisation process for centuries. Even, the current wave of globalisation dominated by neo-liberal ideology has not bypassed these communities. The strategic nature of the coast and its richness in coastal resources has been attracting local and global interests. Marine resources, beaches, gas, oil and cultural heritage are among the vital resources found along the coastal areas which attract more local and foreign investors. Despite all these natural endowments and increased investments, coastal communities are still experiencing high levels of poverty. It is therefore important to understand how globalisation in general and global market in particular impacts coastal resources, the people and their livelihood. Authors in this book use empirical findings collected in several case studies from Tanzania to discuss the extent to and ways through which forces of globalisation shape the structures and processes of coastal resource use and management. In particular, contributors of the book illuminate the multiplication of users of coastal resources and changes in the pattern of coastal resource use and management practices. The manner in which coastal people struggle for their livelihood in such rapidly changing contexts is given due weight in this piece of work. Indeed, the book addresses some theoretical, methodological and empirical issues pertinent to the understanding of the relationship between coastal people and their environment in the era of globalisation in Tanzania.