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Service. A Guide for Professionals
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Service. A Guide for Professionals

224 Seiten, A4, broschiert, 5-farbig

ISBN 978-3-85487-422-5
Art. Nr. 01103014
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EUR 46,90
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What makes good service perfect? Besides possessing the necessary skills in all areas of professional service, such as proper table setting, being knowledgeable of all service styles and the perfect beverage service, an important prerequisite is the friendly, courteous and unobtrusive attention to guests. Excellent selling techniques and advice, satisfactory handling of complaints and the in-depth understanding and knowledge of international guests are also part of the profile of a successful service professional. The handling and organizing of banquet and catering functions have also gained importance in the daily life of service professionals. The basics of excellent service for the young! A reference book for the experienced professional!

Aus dem Inhalt
  • The Guest
  • The Food and Berverage Employee
  • Service Systems
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Supplies
  • A Workday
  • Service Styles and Techniques
  • Meals
  • Caring for Guests
  • Beverage Service and Menu Design
  • Cigar Service
  • The Bar
  • Catering and Convention Services

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